For the people who break out in a cold sweat thinking about a "traditional wedding."

Let's face it: weddings haven't changed that much in the last fifty years. (Other than getting more expensive and elaborate.) If the thought of planning centerpieces and seating charts bores you to tears, or the idea of standing in front of a group of people you hardly know sounds like a nightmare, believe me: you're not alone.

My passion is working with couples who look at wedding magazines and think, "...that doesn't feel like me." Whether that's eloping, having an intimate ceremony, or turning tradition on its head in your own way, I'm here to share your story.

Since we're talking weddings, I vow to....

Always advocate for your needs

Physically, emotionally, or otherwise, I will always be on your side. I strive to create a space where folks feel encouraged to and comfortable being vulnerable. Whether that's sharing medical needs, secret wedding-day desires, or encouragement to just DO the thing.


Storytelling is a collaboration—I can't do what I do without you. Along with taking extra personal time to get to know you and your partner's vibe, I will always be open to your input and creativity.


Whether that's taking engagement photos at your favorite bar in your sweatpants or editing images keeping diverse skin tones in mind, I'll always do what I can to make your pictures look and feel like you.


Looking to support local queer, BIPOC, or female-identifying vendors but not sure who's out there? Need the inside scoop on cool local places for engagement photos? Want to explore the great outdoors on your wedding day, but not sure where to start? I provide all my couples with guides/lists to help with each stage of the planning process to make life easier.

Be your dog whisperer

We have three dogs, so trust me when I say I know how important pets are when documenting your memories. Get my helpful handout to prep your pup for engagement photos and years of dog wrangling expertise. (I'm also a big cat and farm-animal lover too!)

What to expect from your photos

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Courtney + Sam

“Lauren is kind, quirky, creative and makes sure everyone feels accepted and welcomed in the wedding world, where nontraditional people/relationships/brides can often feel left out. Her photos captured our wedding perfectly and was so happy with our experience with her.”

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What I have to offer

Full Wedding Day Photography

My most popular package includes 8 hours, an engagement session, and a framed photo so you can look at your adorable faces every day.

That said, every wedding is unique and I have a variety of packages, so reach out to see what's right for you!

Average investment $4000

Looking for something more intimate?

If you’re planning a cozy wedding with 35 guest or less, my essentials collection might be the perfect fit. This is great to get all of your memories documented without all the pomp and circumstance.

Average investment $3500

If you find yourself wondering "Is my wedding something Lauren would do?" or "Is my budget too small?", know this:

The great thing about being my own boss is setting my own boundaries—meaning I can make decisions for couples based on my own discretion. I never want folks who feel aligned with my brand, style, and personal beliefs to feel too scared to reach out based things like personal vision or budget.

While I can't guarantee my services will align with your needs, I CAN guarantee that if I feel like we're an excellent match, I will always propose several package options for my couples in an attempt to empower them to make a decision that aligns with their vision AND budget. If I am unable to take on your wedding for any reason, I will refer you to people who I would trust to shoot my own wedding. People who are kind, affirming, professional, personable, and nonjudgemental.

Or maybe you just want some really cute photos...

Couple Portraits

You may always forget to take your camera out until it's too late or simply don't prioritize taking photos together, but find yourself thinking, "Hey. I love this person. And it'd be kind of nice to see their face next to my face."

Solve that problem by having the coolest date with the dorkiest third wheel.

Starting at $400

Ready to make it happen?

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