Hey there, I'm Lauren (she/her)! I'm a laid-back, adventure-hungry goofball who loves queso, hammocks, and going out of her way to pet a dog. Even as a little kid I was obsessed with creating, and am fortunate enough now to work as a photographer, graphic designer, and illustrator. Though I'm an avid adventurer who is ALWAYS down to swap travel stories and planning her next hiking trip, I've called Des Moines home base and my heart's place for the last 28 years.

My red bandana became my signature look in college when my ridiculously long hair used to get in the way of literally anything I tried to do. (Windy days and lipgloss? Not happening.) The look stuck throughout college into my adulthood, and when I started working with new folks I had never met before I realized it was easy to say, "Look for the goofy girl in the bandana."

Everything I do, I do with passion, joy, and lots of snacks. I'm so excited to get to know you over a margarita or milkshake!


Story telling is a partnership—let's work together to tell your whole love story, not just part of it.

Both as a creative professional and in my everyday life, I continually strive to be a more inclusive and mindful person. I believe that every individual is worthy of love and respect, and that every person deserves to live their life as their authentic self. My goal is to empower you in front of the camera while creating a safe space as an empathetic observer. does that mean, Lauren? To put it simply: I want you to look like your best self without changing who you are, because who you are is freaking GREAT.

Whether that's telling awful dad jokes, getting you to reflect on special moments, or having a random dance party, your photo shoot will be special and unique, just like you are.


You love to laugh

I'm a HUGE dork who loves to laugh, and that reflects in my work and how I engage with my couples. You don't have to be a model to work with me, but you do have to be willing to get a little silly.

Patio life is your jam

I'm incredibly laid back and low maintenance—you'll often find me on a patio sipping margaritas or chilling in my hammock. If you don't sweat the little stuff, we'll get along great.

You're up for anything

I'm always down for trying new things, adventuring to new places, and experimenting with new ideas. If you're full of crazy ideas or willing to run with mine, we'll create amazing stuff together.

Enough about me

On to the good stuff

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