Our pants are covered in their hair, so our walls should be covered in their pictures.

I have always been dog obsessed. One of the earliest family videos of me walking is toddling across our back yard to climb on top of our neighbor's Irish Setter. I always knew I had a soft spot for all their soft spots.

If you're anything like me, your dogs are your whole world. And though you might have 3,000,000 photos of them on your phone (2,999,000 just of them sleeping), you don't have many of them on your walls. We'd give anything for a few more days with our pups—so cherish the time you have with them while you can so you can enjoy their legacy for a lifetime.

Fur-mily Photos

If you love your pet(s) and can get past the really, really bad play on words, this one is for you.

Whether that's a walk through the woods, snuggles on the couch, or endless hours of fetch, we'll work together to document your relationship with your dog to capture them how you love best.

Starting at $450

Pet Portraits

It's all about them anyway, so why not give them their own photo shoot?

Formatted a little differently than my traditional shoots, these sessions will focus on getting a few high-quality portraits of your pup that will be custom edited for spectacular portraits that deserve a prominent spot on your walls.

**Dogs do not need to be about to be off-leash or perfectly trained for these sessions!

Average investment: $500

End of Life

Document a small portion of a lifetime of love.

For families who want to document time with their beloved pets before they cross the rainbow bridge.

Starting at $450