What's included in your wedding packages?

All wedding packages include a personal consultation, a personalized wedding timeline (which we usually plan on a patio sipping drinks together), access to all my custom planning guides, digital gallery of hi-res images for you to download, print release, a framed gift print for your walls, and a ton of bad jokes provided by yours truly.

That said, every wedding I shoot is slightly different, depending on your needs and what's best for your day. Second shooters, additional time, additional wall art/albums, bridal & boudoir sessions, and anything else you can think up can be added to your wedding package—let me know what you're dreaming up, and we'll make it happen.

How long will it take for me to get my photos?

I always shoot to exceed your expectations (because waiting SUCKS), but on average...

Portraits sessions: ~3-5 weeks
Weddings: ~5-7 weeks

WILL YOU EDIT OUT _________?

For backgrounds, I typically edit out distracting elements to the best of my ability. Exit signs, random flag poles, pesky outlets on otherwise blank walls, that guy who just kind of walked in frame during the perfect shot.

For people, my motto is if it won't be there in two weeks, it won't be in your photos. That means things like blemishes, bug bites, bumps and bruises will all be removed from your photos, within reason. I will do some mild correction to skin for close-up images, but will not alter the way you look (because you're a hottie as is).

What if the weather is bad the day of my shoot?

"Bad weather" is just a state of mind—and can usually be solved with a cute umbrella*, some nice hand warmers**, and a cozy beverage.

I touch base with all clients prior to sessions where the weather seems iffy—extreme rain, snow, cold, or wind—but if conditions are safe, I'm always down to go out and play. If conditions aren't safe, we can problem solve together, whether that's another date that works or an indoor location that speaks to you!

*I have some of these you can borrow. **And these too!

Can I bring my pet to my session?

A million times yes. Actually, I insist on it—just don't be surprised when you suddenly have 1,000 new photos of your pooch.

If you're interested in bringing your pet, be sure to ask for my handy guide to help you prepare!

Do you have a second shooter?

I am a one-woman team, but do work with second shooters (and as a second shooter)!

With 50+ weddings under my belt, I feel confident covering most wedding ceremonies on my own. That said, I'm happy to chat about the value of a second shooter for your particular wedding day to see if it'd be a good investment for you, as well as share my process for booking someone who I'd trust if I get swooped up by a bald eagle.