A little backstory: I knew Becca from working as a hostess at Proof Restaurant (RIP to the classiest, tastiest food and drinks in the whole Des Moines metro). We bonded over our love of dogs—her sweet pup Neumann and my boy Alfie shared the same birthday—and our deep passion for local Des Moines businesses.

After I left Proof, I didn’t see Becca quite as often, though we ran into each other a time or two when we both happened to be patronizing some of the local businesses we had gushed over at Proof. But like a lot of blossoming friendships, 2020 made it difficult for us to stay in touch.

Thus my pleasant surprise when Becca reached out to me early 2023 asking if I might happen to have availability for her wedding. Her and her fiance, Eric, had always planned to get married eventually, but with the exciting news that they were expecting a little one they decided to throw the wedding celebration they’d always dreamed of with their closest family and friends. While the term “micro wedding” was still relatively new to their vocabulary—and the general public's—they knew that it encompassed exactly what they were looking for: something small, intimate, and intentional. I said I’d be happy to sit down with them—at Little Brother, another local favorite, of course—and talk through things to make sure I was the right fit for what they were looking for.

When I arrived at Little Brother, there was a tall, bearded gentleman standing outside the restaurant. I smiled and said hello, and he immediately welcomed me warmly and started chatting. We headed into the restaurant together, sat down, and then confessed at the same time we had no idea who each other was and were hoping I was said photographer and he was said fiance. When Becca arrived I told her I was so impressed with how Eric, even though I was a complete stranger to him, was so kind, friendly, and conversational. But considering that Becca is one of the most friendly people you’ll ever meet, it was no surprise that they had found each other.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people quite as in sync as Becca and Eric when it came to planning a wedding. As we chatted they shared how they wanted to focus on their time with friends and family, avoiding wedding traditions that kept them from sharing special moments together and with their close list of guests. They also made a point to celebrate the local businesses that they had built their relationship on. A first look on the balcony of the law office Becca had worked at while her and Eric fell in love, overlooking the skyline of the city that they adored. A ceremony in the East Village, where they frequented for date nights. A reception at Juniper Moon, where they first met. Pizza from Gusto, which they often shared thanks to their delicious gluten-free options. And even two officiants, both of whom Becca had befriended at Proof over many evenings out enjoying good food and even better company.

Considering local Iowa business was one of the foundations Becca and I had built our friendship on, I knew we’d be an excellent match. Fortunately Becca and Eric agreed, and I was officially on their exclusive guest list for their nuptials.

Their wedding day unfolded exactly like they had laid out to me that evening at Little Brother. I spent the day surrounded by Becca and Eric’s close friends and family, always feeling supported and doted on by them the same way they clearly act toward one another. Every moment was shared with the people who care so deeply for them, and the way Becca’s big family welcomed Eric in with open arms goes to show how Southern hospitality really is all it's cracked up to be. I couldn’t help but stop and marvel at not only how beautiful everything was, but how personal. There’s something truly special about two people taking the time to truly celebrate the foundation of their relationship on their wedding day, and Becca and Eric really set the bar high with this one.

At the reception I pulled them away for a few nighttime photos outside Juniper Moon, where they sat on the curb eating pizza and laughing together. And I couldn’t help but think of all the times they had shared moments like this together before they were husband and wife, and all the moments they will share like this as a mother and father. I am so grateful to have been part of their beautiful coming together story and look forward to all the future meetups at favorite local haunts with them and their little.


Flowers: Wildflower

Reception: Juniper Moon

Food: Gusto Pizza Co.

Gluten-Free Cake: Amis Cakes